Volunteering Opportunities


Train for Free and Help your Local Community

  • Are you finding it hard to gain employment?
  • Would you like to improve your confidence by gaining qualifications and work experience?
  • Would you like to help your local community in a highly supportive environment?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be interested in volunteering with us.

We regularly recruit volunteers as part of our Community Advocacy Skills Training Project. As a volunteer at EBIAC, you will have the opportunity to gain recognised qualifications in Advice Work as well as essential work experience. You will also have the opportunity to access further training and gain valuable experience in Community Development.

     Read our Volunteer Impact Report 2020 with contributions from current and past volunteers, which demonstrates the positive impact volunteering has had on their lives.


Q. Do I need any qualifications or experience?

A. No previous experience in advice work is necessary. The CAST Project provides all training and support, including:

  • In-house training/support
  • Accredited training with Open College Network

Q. Will I incur any costs?

A. All we ask from you is some of your free time. In addition to excellent free training opportunities, we will provide you with childcare costs and reimburse your out-of-pocket expenses.

Q. What are the benefits of volunteering for me:

A. Read some quotes from our current volunteers:

"The main benefit of becoming a volunteer is that I have been trained - free of charge - in the general area of advice.  It also enables me to participate and engage with a community that is in need of support and help in a practical and immediate way.  Volunteering helps one's own personal progression through the world of work should that be the option chosen.  Contact with professional staff who man the office and who provide day to day in house training is essential for the development of the volunteer on a personal level, for someone unused to a working environment, for whatever reason.  It has boosted my confidence and self esteem and it has provided me with a great sense of satisfaction."

"The benefit for me is that it feels good to volunteer for an organisation that puts people and their well-being first."

"There are so many benefits to volunteering at EBIAC.  Volunteering here provides opportunities to help others, learn new skills, build upon existing skills and acquire knowledge.  It is deeply rewarding to provide advice and support to the Centre's clients.  The staff at EBIAC value volunteers.  They mentor, support and encourage volunteers to improve their abilities and skills."

Q. What are the benefits of volunteering for the users of the service:

A. Read some quotes from our current volunteers:

"There are numerous benefits for the users of the Centre's services.  The Centre's approach to its users is holistic and non judgemental.  Users are treated with respect and every effort is made to provide them with accurate advice, relevant information and support."

"The benefits for the users are that they receive free, independent, thorough, high-quality advice and equivalent assistance to try to overcome their problems."

"Some of the benefits for the users are financial, but for many it is peace of mind and a reduction in stress as many do not understand form filling for one reason or another and can end up in financial difficulty because of this.

"The service can affect many people's lives by solving problems that can cause more distress to the individual who feels unable to solve the problems themselves. There are many in the community who cannot read or write, many are old and alone and so the Centre represents a place where they can come and share concerns."

Q. How do I apply to become a volunteer.

A. Fill in the attached form to apply for the adviser role, or fill in the attached form to apply for the receptionist role.

To avail of this unique opportunity, please contact Gerard Morgan: gerard@ebiac.org or 028 9073 5690.

This project is funded under the Henry Smith Charity.